Every transition and change requires an adjustment of the norm; the regular behavior of the group. This change only takes place when there is a balanced amount of exploration and engagement. In order to clarify the potential for change, we perform a culture scan which analyzes the maturity and human skills of your teams.

The culture scan enables you to work on the focus areas of your teams and organization and gives you a clear picture of the potential frontrunners -the people driving change-, in your organization.


Implementation Strategy

We guide your transition by applying our conceptual implementation strategy consisting of a framework of roles, rituals and rules of conduct to the daily work of your teams.

The result is that the transition is set in motion from day one and a team is fully self-managing within 100 days.


Leadership Coaching

Strong successful teams consist of exceptional individuals. Only well-grounded team members are able to create sustainable value to the team. This is why we also focus on developing full potential in individuals. We do this by manifesting the personal inner and outer representation through habit stacking.

In the current era, leadership is no longer just a skill for managers. Leadership traits are important for all members of a team. In today’s organizations, all team members are specialists with specific knowledge. Everyone needs to show personal leadership. Only then ownership is possible.

“You are the Captain of your Ship and the Master of your Faith”.

– Michael Josephson